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Finally, a place to stream your live sports events!

About Gashuku

Unfortunately, most platforms only focus on Major League/Pro Sports, and many independent sports companies/organizations, including their consumers, are left in the cold. This is where Gashuku comes in.

Why we Rock!

Gashuku means to "Gather your Dojo", and that's exactly what we specialize in. Gather your people together by having them watch your event live on our app, without having to search through countless other feeds or videos.

Beta Release

Currently, we are working on our Beta MVP for people to test, so if you are interested in trying it out, let us know!

Gashuku Features

Live Stream

With Gashuku you will be able to stream and share your live boxing, MMA, wrestling, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, or any other eSports events which will provide your fans with all of the content they would like to view at their fingertips without the stress of searching for games on unauthorized websites/apps.

  • Follow your favorite sports.
  • Discover sports through a simple feed.
  • Livestream your event in seconds.
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Gashuku Features


Join a community of competitive & recreational independent sports fans & discover video content from all leagues, tournaments, clubs, associations, teams, random pickup games, etc.

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Gashuku Features

Earn Revenue

Monetize your content through our Partnership program:

  • Your Fan Subscriptions.
  • Advertising.
  • Sponsorhips.
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